Learning To Surf: What Surfing Can Do For You

Learning to surf is surprisingly easy, and an enormous amount of fun. Believe it or not, everyone from toddlers to grannies learn to surf these days. How do they do it? Where are some pointers on learning to surf, as well as some insights on what surfing can do for you.

Learning to Surf


You don’t have to grow up in California or the Bahamas to know how to surf. In fact, you can learn this fun sport on your very first trip to the ocean. Every beach, from Devon to Maui, has professional surf shops that rent boards and safety equipment, and offer surfing lessons in Cornwall at an affordable rate. Just as you would rent a bicycle for the day or take snow skiing lessons, you can take surfing lessons when you go to the beach.

The professionals at your surf shop can match you up with a surf board that works well with your height and skills levels. You may want a board that is wider so that you can keep your balance more easily, or if you have some experience, you may want a long, narrow board to add speed to your ride.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to “hang 10” to enjoy surfing. You can paddle out to meet the waves, and then lie or sit on your board and ride the wave back to shore. Enough people do that now that it is a common sight. If you are concerned about more experienced surfers in the area, remember that surfing is a lot like ski slopes – the more skilled athletes stick to the more challenging surf or slopes.

What Can Surfing Do For You?


So, what exactly can surfing do for you? It is one of the best whole-body exercises you can do, and it is total fun every time you go out. Unlike some exercises that work your muscles only, surfing works on your sense of balance as well. In fact, older people especially find that even simple boogie board surfing improves their balance. They have a better ability to recover if they stumble or stub their toe. Some compare the skills in balancing to yoga.

Your core muscles get a workout, simply from staying on the board. Even if you just sit on the board, staying upright on it strengthens your core muscles as well as your ability to regain your balance. As you lie on the board and paddle out to the waves, you work your arms and chest muscles. If you swim beside your board, you are working your leg muscles. Swimming is one of the most beneficial exercises you can do, and there is no impact on your joints when you swim. Swimming with a board, and balancing on it, is just another step to strength and independence.

And to think, you are having fun in the sun the whole time! Regardless of your age, you can enjoy surfing. Give it a try, and you’ll see!


Hotels And B&Bs: Which Have A Better Atmosphere


Planning your holiday can be exciting. It can also be stressful as you arrange transportation and lodging, look up dining spots, and order tickets to various attractions. Let’s start with lodging – which has a better atmosphere, hotels or B&Bs?



Starting with the rooms, let’s compare hotels and B&Bs. Quite often, hotels have a cold, clinical feel, while the B&B often has a reputation as being frilly and covered with knick-knacks. However, the stereotype of B&Bs is not exactly fair, considering the growing number of these businesses in the UK.

The Bed and Breakfast has come a long way from the over-the-top pseudo-Victorian. Without losing any of the ambiance, B&Bs have become modern and spacious. Land owners who convert their building, manors, and farmhouses to B&Bs are savy about the desires of modern travelers, and now install bathrooms for each room, rather than the hackneyed “bathroom down the hall”.

The rooms themselves are far from the clinical feel of hotels. Antique furnishings are sturdy – or they wouldn’t have become antiques – and they add a warmth and welcome that you seldom find in a hotel room. Antique headboards and footboards are retro-fitted with new, modern mattresses, creating a bedroom that is both comfortable and beautiful.



The weary traveller is often relieved to find his chain hotel right off the roadway. You can see the sign from a distance, and know exactly where you should go. Hotels located in town are often in the newer parts of development, with valet parking.

However, there are some benefits to hunting out the B&Bs. Those located in the city are usually right in the heart of historic districts. Mature landscaping creates an oasis around private patios that offer views of well-tended rose gardens. The advantage here is that many of the activities that attracted you to the city in the first place are within walking distance. That’s right, these older, modernized houses are often right down the street from some of the most beautiful sights and activities that drew you to the city in the first place.

Accommodation in Somerset or anywhere in the countryside have their own draw, with ready access to hiking, fishing, bird watching, and many other activities. The B&B you choose may be near the beach, where you can step onto the veranda and dig your toes into the sand. This is the best of rural holidays, with few people around.


Did you know that most B&Bs serve lunch? They will often pack a picnic lunch for you to enjoy. This is especially true in the rural settings. They also often have arrangements with restaurants, cafes, and diners in nearby villages to give their guests discounts on dining. In the city B&Bs, you may well be right across the street from some of the best restaurants in the area.

So, on your next holiday, check out some B&Bs. You may discover that the space, ambiance, and convenience easily trumps that of hotels.

How To Create The Perfect Social Environment In Your Home

Creating the perfect social environment in your home can be as simple as your choice of furniture and its placement. Here are some great ideas for what type of furniture to get for your home, and how to place it in the room for perfect social interaction.


First of all, assess your space. Do you have a communal room that you want to dedicate to socializing? Typically, rooms on the front of the house are more formal, while rooms at the back of the house are more casual. Around my house, that would be because, by the time a guests walks through all the clutter and dog hair, there are no illusions. Any attempt at formality would be ludicrous.

Of course, you do not have to stay with these traditions. If your largest room is on the front of the house, and you want to use it for the family as well as guests, it is your prerogative. Aside from family clutter, there are ways to maximize the space to make guests feel comfortable.

Furniture Arrangement

That larger room may or may not have room for multiple seating areas. This is a great way to maximize every square inch of space. For instance, most family rooms have a TV prominent for family entertainment and gaming. But, what about that window? There may be space there for a couple of chairs and/or nests of tables. Consider placing a chess board over there, or a jigsaw puzzle. Often, quieter guests will gravitate to such areas. When you provide them with a refuge, they feel more included, and enjoy themselves more.

Use the corners of your room wisely. Corners can be wasted space. I’ve always said that I would prefer round rooms, just so there aren’t any corners. This, also, is a great spot for your little table and chairs. Or, consider a corner sofa. This can free up room in the middle for a large ottoman. If you select a large, upholstered ottoman, it can serve several purposes. Use a nice tray for drinks and decorations while the family is using the room. When you have guests, move the tray, and you have extra seating. One of the advantages of this type of seating is that it is open to all areas of the room, so people can converse easily.


So, what do you do about the clutter of the family room? I remember going to a friend’s house, and noticing a lovely wicker basket full of children’s toys near the hearth. I thought it looked so nice, like she was welcoming her children to play in the adult areas. Little did I realize that she used the basket rather than a toy box! This simple detail created a grown-up atmosphere in the room, rather than a nursery feel. Throws that the family cuddled under to watch TV matched the furniture.

As you plan your entertainment spaces, consider furniture placement and automatic de-cluttering. Guests will feel more welcomed.

Adventurous Social Getaways

Going on holiday is almost a necessity for most people. You get away from it all, and have fun without having to devote any of your attention to bosses or customers. More people than ever are electing to go on holiday with not just their families, but with their friends as well. This is partly due to the fact that so many people elect to marry later. After all, they have to have somebody to go on holiday with, right? Here are some of the top adventurous social getaways for people who travel with friends and family.

Theme Parks

Any list of holiday destinations simply must include theme parks. Disney World is everyone’s world, and in the States, the 6 Flags Resorts are popular. But there are many more theme parks you can visit and have plenty of fun. In the UK, there is Legoland, Alton Towers, Paultons Park, Gulliver’s Land, and many more theme parks for your entertainment. Rides and stage performances, along with food and souvenir vendors, create a stay-all-day venue that can help you escape from the everyday world.

In Europe, some of the same theme parks are popular, such as Legoland and Alton Towers. There is also the Walt Disney Studios Park, Tivoli Gardens, and Parc Asterix, among others.


If you would like a holiday somewhere with less mechanics and more nature, you and your friends might consider the beach. Every continent has stunning beaches, so there are getaways for every time of year. Perhaps the best thing about beaches, besides sand and sun, is that so many people are surfing now. It is not just a sport for hippies, yippies, and beach bums. Everyone, from children to grandmas, can get a boogie board and enjoy the waves. There are even classes that teach you how to enjoy surfing at a beginner level.


Anyone who enjoys walking for exercise will probably enjoy hiking. It is a little more strenuous, and requires special boots if you want to find purchase on slopes, but hiking can take you and your friends to beautiful places. In the UK alone, there is almost unlimited hiking that takes you to breathtaking cliffs and beaches, and across historic plains and fields.

But, don’t stop with your own back yard. There are hiking and walking trails all over the world. You do not have to be a mountain climber to enjoy some of the most awe inspiring sights in the world. Go to Peru, and follow the Inca Trail. It is a 35 mile hike, and classified as one of the world’s best hikes. It is a 5 day trip up to Machu Picchu – one of the 10 wonders of the world.

Don’t leave out the Great Wall of China. Now, there is an adventure for your group, with 1500 miles stretching out ahead of you. Of course, you don’t have to walk the whole thing, but what a trip!


Theres more than just hiking too,  if you’re looking for something slightly more extreme then why not try out some Adventure Activites? I found some great Adventure activities in Devon where you can go Kayaking, Surf rafting, coasteering and much much more. A very exciting adventure, that’s for sure.

So, get with your friends and family, and check out adventurous social getaways. You’ll be glad you did.

Social Activities To Keep You Calm

When a person is dealing with stress, he or she usually looks for ways to get away from life and take a break. However, there are actually ways to cope with the demands of life and still be part of a thriving social community. The amazing thing is, when you participate in social calming activities, you find a whole new world of support and strength that you otherwise would have never found.


Social activities are great for bringing you out of your shell, sometimes you just want to be alone, but social activity can help you. It’s not just about going out and meeting people, it’s a joint activity that will help you stay calm by releasing chemicals into the brain through exercise. You don’t need to go to a weight loss bootcamp, there are activities that will help.


Yoga has been a form of exercise and meditation for thousands of years. Over the last several decades, the West has adopted various forms of yoga for those reasons. Yoga as exercise is remarkably strenuous, if you are physically capable of doing so. However, it is also, among exercise regimens, uniquely adaptable to the physical limitations of each individual. The gradual stretching and, later, hyper flexion, creates muscle tone and amps up your metabolism.


The spiritual aspect of yoga also makes a big difference in people’s lives. The meditation and centering that practitioners use create a more balanced emotional and spiritual life. In addition, you have the benefit of being around people who also exercise their spiritual body as well as their physical one. The camaraderie of those participating in the exercises strengthens all involved as much as the exercises do.


It has been referred to as the “Maharishi Effect”, and it happened in 1978. For 3 weeks, over 7000 people joined together in meditation to help their city. It, apparently, worked – in fact, not only did suicide rates and auto accidents decline in their city, they were reported as being reduced all over the world. In addition, there was a huge decrease in terrorist activity while the people were meditating.

In Lebanon, in 1983, when groups participated in meditation assemblies, deaths from acts of war significantly dropped. In Wales four years later, Merseyside was suffering from the third most extreme crime rates of all of the metro areas. After initiating group meditation, the crime rate dropped by 40%.

This is called the “field effect” in physics. Once you get past the technical jargon used to explain field effect, it basically means that groups of people can affect the overall consciousness in their environment through meditation and emanating peace. Several universities are working on this, as a way of reducing violence in schools and prisons, and in any other populations where people are forced to spend a lot of time together.



Yoga, with its spiritual connection, may seem a little “out there” for some people, but they may still be willing to go along with it. Group meditation may seem even stranger, but worth trying if it can create a field effect.

The newest thing, coming from the States, is hugging. The Americans are always pushing the envelope, and now they go beyond psychic energy and have started “cuddle clubs”. Just as it says, groups of people get together to share hugs. Whether this will catch on with Brits is still to be seen.


Social holidays In the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom offers many social holiday destinations. Whether you prefer elegant, glamorous, exotic, or quaint destinations and accommodations, you can find it all in the UK. Here are some great places to visit in the UK that will be sure to create a talking point amongst friends.


In Scotland, you find beautiful deserted glens and breathtaking coastlines. You can explore historic towns and villages. You can enjoy big cities, such as Stirling, or small villages such as Pittenweem and Crail. The scenery in Scotland as almost mystic, leaving a lasting effect in your psyche. The white sands of its beaches and other-worldly lochs create a contrast to the sophistication of the cities.
Scotland is made up of 800 islands. Only about 300 of them are inhabited, and as pristine as they were 500 to 1000 years ago. The Scots are proud of their heritage and history, and you can find culture that reflects the wealth of poetry, music, writing, and sculpture that have enriched the lives of Scots.
More specifically, coma and enjoy the Edinburgh Castle. This is a World Heritage Site, with breathtaking views and rich history. The Whisky distilleries are another great draw, as is the Loch Ness. Who knows, you may be the one to get the definitive picture of Nessie!


No, glamping is not a country or village. It is a way of camping out with all the glamour of a 5 star hotel, one could say luxury camping. Companies specialize in this type of accommodation. Imagine how wonderful it would be to arrive in a secluded glen in the mystical countryside in Scotland, and find a luxury pop up or tent ready and waiting for you! You have the chance to be part of your surroundings, yet have all the conveniences of meals. Gone are the days of having to find a hotel in a remote area, just to get to take a shower. You’ll find that, with glamping, your pop up or tent will be fully prepared to give you all the comforts of home.


The country of Wales will create memories that rest in your soul for the rest of your life. This beautiful country, with its culture, myth, history, and legend, has over 640 castles. That is more castles than anywhere else in the world! There are six different sites in this country alone that are on the World Heritage Sites travel brochure. This country’s history is so rich that the city of Cardiff, while the youngest city in Great Britain, dates all the way back to the Roman occupation!
Not only can you tour castles for the duration of your holiday, you can visit Roman forts. There are even destinations that are associated with the legend of King Arthur. Come and enjoy the Offa’s Dyke Path that outlines the border between Wales and England. Or, climb Mount Snowdon or dine in a waterfront café on the Cardiff Bay. You can even visit one of the most haunted places in the UK at Llancaiach Fawr Manor.
Where ever you go in the UK, you’re sure to find fantastic memories. Enjoy your visit!

Social Sports : Knowing Your Surfing Equiptment

Understanding The Equipment Needed To Surf

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Knowing what to buy is not the hardest part of shopping for your surfing equipment, instead its knowing why you need to buy it. People may have told you that to surf you need to buy a wetsuit, but do you know why? Instead of spending hundreds or thousands on unnecessary surfing equipment we are hoping this article really will help you pick only whats needed, and whats best for you as a surfer.We have a look at the main items you need when learning to surf.

Your First Surf Board

How Much To Spend and What To Buy

When you are just starting out learning to surf then you need to make a decision on whether to invest in the sport. Being a surfer you form a relationship with the ocean and many say that a poor board will reflect badly on your technique and can put you off the sport.Because of this when we train new surfers we always advise them to go with a rental board until they are confident they want to pursue the sport. In reality not many of my students leave the sport early on, after all once you are forming a bond with the board you begin to really see the advantages.
Once you are familiar with the board itself then I always recommend buying the best board available within your budget, and if you find something you want that you cant afford, wait a few weeks and purchase it at a later date. This is very important because a good quality board will last you a long time and will stop you from wanting to upgrade almost immediately. Because we train down in Cornwall and get all our surfing equipment from Zuma Jay, they have some great deals and specials we use to save a few quid for our students. Many of our students actually fall in love with the board they train on that they end up buying the same model, or even better – buying it as a 2nd hand surfboard which could save you more than £250!

The biggest decision when looking for a surfboard is the shape, this dedicates a lot of other aspects to its essential to get this right. For a first board many surfers opt for a min-mal style board, this is often seen as a smaller version of a malibu, or long board.

Typical characteristics to look for on a mini-mal surfboard are:Rounded Nose -
The rounded end of the mini-mal board is great for added stability and decreases the chances of tipping when moving horizontally across the waves. This makes travelling in a straight line a lot more manageable and also helps with the step-up as the board is a lot more stable than other shapes. Another advantage of the rounded nose is that it allows the board to plane easier on slow waves which is ideal for beginners who are still gaining confidence on the water.

Squash Tail -
The squash tail is a name given to the rounded end on the mini-mal board, again similar to the rounded nose, this tail gives added stability over the common pin type tails. The squash part of the tail refers to how it is squared off, which allows water to pass cleanly from the back of the board, which gives a more responsive turn when riding the wave.

Fins -
As is now common practice for many surfers, since their development, fins have changed the performance of a surfboard and become a natural addition to anyones board. The tri-fin surfboard works so well that over 90% of surfboards currently available worldwide are using this configuration. Its best to go with a board that has removable fins as they can get damaged or knocked off – that way they are easy to replace. We recommend going with FCS or Future as there are large ranges of FCS fins available as replacements.

Length & Width -
When starting out many trainers advise to go with as big of a board as possible in terms of width. Again the added surface area will help with buoyancy but also with stability when moving across the waves. Just make sure that when you are choosing the width of the board that you can carry it comfortably under your arm, if not then it could cause some problems when paddling on the board. When choosing length of the board it is important that you choose a board around 14″ to 24″ taller than yourself otherwise it can have an effect on your paddling speed and wave count.

Your First Wetsuit

 I always recommend a good wetsuit to my students as it allows them longer in the English water, and when you are learning practice is a very important aspect so its important to get enough water time as possible.

A wetsuit isn’t meant to keep you dry but it does keep you warmer when in the water, and if you are in the UK you know how valuable that can be. It does this by trapping a thin layer of water between your body and the neoprene fabric, this layer of water is then warmed by your skin and acts as insulation when you are out on the open water. Another advantage is that a wetsuit can minimise board rash which can occur on your chest and cause irritations while trying to paddle out to the waves.There are around 8 different styles of wetsuit readily available in the shops, I only recommend 1 or 2 styles to my students but I will give a quick overview of all of them here so you know what to look for.
Obviously wetsuits are split into two categories already; mens wetsuits and womens wetsuits. Main difference between the two styles is the body shape, other than that you will find them very similar. A good wetsuit can cost up to £500 so its essential you make the best choice first time so you don’t end up wasting your money.

There are plenty of styles you can choose for a wetsuit, so I thought it would be best for you to know them so you don’t get sold anything which you don’t need.

1. Rashguard – These are used to protect the surfer from rashes caused by abrasion and are often worn by themselves, or underneath a wetsuit.2. Wetsuit Top – Typically used during warmer weather or as part of a 2 piece wetsuit when paired up.

3. Shorty – Used in warmer weathers but also commonly used to give full mobility in the arms and legs of the surfer as joints are free

4. Spring Shorty – Similar to the shorty style suit but more geared suitable for lower temperatures as its commonly a thicker wetsuit and also comes with arm coverings.

5. Short John – Used to provide cover and insulation for the core of the surfer but to also allow free movement of arms and lower legs.

6. Long John – Similar to the Short John but with additional leg covers, this is often paired with a rash vest when surfing in colder weather.

7. Spring Full – Much like the typical wetsuit this is ideal for cooler temperature waters as it provides a lot of cover and warmth to the surfer.

8. Winter Full – Typically made up of a much thicker neoprene this wetsuit is ideal for winter months, with water temperatures down to 13 degrees Celsius.

Using Social Media Effectively Within Your Business

Using social media within your business is something that every company should be doing in this day and age. You have to look at what’s popular and really put the effort in to tell people what your business is doing. The whole point of social media in business are these key points.


  • Free Advertising
  • Branding
  • Build Relationships
  • Open Communication To Customers
  • Worldwide Communication
  • Let Users Know What’s going on

There are a lot of benefits to using social media, just look at https://www.cross-deck.co.uk/, you can get into their Facebook page and find exactly what they have been doing recently, what the company has planned and more. This is a great way to give your company branding, and it works.

One of the downsides to this is that your company or staff within the company just wont have time to keep updating your companies Facebook page, so do you hire people to keep it updated? To make this decision you have to weigh up the costs of hiring someone, to the costs of having a poorly recieved social media presence. Can social media really benefit you as much as what you’ll be paying somebody? If yes, then I say go for it.

Using Social Media For Your Business

Social Media is now an extremely important part of any website design business, showing that your business has a human side and that it can interact with people can give your business an edge over it’s competitors. People want to see a business that is run in a friendly way, they don’t want to see the large faceless corporations that have always been. Social media is also a way to freely promote your business, there are of course opportunities that could cost money, but social media as a whole is generally free as people choose to follow you and see what you have to say.


There are several forms of social media, most companies just use the most popular such as Facebook and Twitter, but Google+ is an upcoming social site too.

The main thing to do is to put information up that people are going to be interested in. Special offers and deals are both going to be good because people love saving money. Not only is this a great way to do things, Viral advertising seems to be the new craze! It’s not a 100% guarantee that it will take off though, but using YouTube and twitter will help spread the message where required.

Social Media can be a powerful tool as long as you know how to use it.


Welcome To Social Whirl

Well, I’m finally off to a good start, Social whirl has opened its doors and here we are. I started this website in the hopes that I could reach out and help those who aren’t too savvy with marketing within social media. I’m hoping to have some great tips to offer and excellent tutorials over the next few months. If you are interested in keeping people up to date with your business, then social media is the way forward. Please come back soon if your interested in receiving some helpful advice and tips, or even if you’re not!