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July 15, 2021

With International Travel In Decline, Are Staycations The New Normal?

With the global pandemic putting a dampener on international travel, UK families now looking for holidays closer to home. This has led to a noticeable dip in the number of people currently travelling abroad, while the number of UK residents who are choosing domestic breaks has increased. So which days out do Brits love? Let’s take a closer look.

Many British holiday-goers have been opting for national holidays over their international favourites, according to a report by Expedia. These include May Day (5 May), Bonfire Night (5 November) and Boxing Day (26 December). Domestic holidays are typically more popular than those abroad, with the exception of New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

The survey compiled information from more than 2,000 individuals regarding their favourite holiday destinations. In addition, it also looked at how much they usually spend on their holidays and the number of days they would be away. 22% of UK residents would be travelling to another country in the next three months, while 18% would be travelling to a foreign destination within the UK.

The most popular days out for Brits are Easter (28 March), Bonfire Night (5 November) and May Day (5 May). More than a quarter of people in the UK are not planning to travel abroad during the summer, but would be taking a trip within the UK.

The most popular destinations for foreign holidays include France (32%), Spain (25%) and Italy (19%). The favourite UK destinations for domestic breaks are Devon, Berkshire and West Sussex.

The findings of this study were compiled by stats from between 4th April and 28th April 2013.

Article background information [to use as knowledge, not to be copied verbatim]:holiday destinations in the UK

British holiday-makers are heading home at an increasing rate, according to a new survey. The findings by hotel booking site found that 42% of Brits have looked to head home since last summer’s Olympics. The figure was up 16% from 2010, while the previous peak was seen in 2007 when 45% said they were making plans for a different destination.

The average Briton spends £1,250 a year on holidays, which can cost up to £2,000 for some expensive packages. The most popular destinations are the Canary Islands and Spain. Next on the list are Turkey and Cyprus, followed by Italy and France. Overall more than a third (34%) of British people say they will be heading abroad for their summer break, compared to 25% in 2010.

Article background information [to use as knowledge, not to be copied verbatim]:what popular holiday destinations there are in the UK

The UK’s favourite holiday destination is revealed to be Devon, with nearly a third of Britons hitting the sunny south coast. Devon was chosen by 30% of Britons who have been on at least one holiday in the last year. The second favourite is Berkshire – home to Windsor Castle and The Queen’s favourite manor, Windsor Great Park – which was voted by 26% of people.

The south west is the region of choice for most Brits, with an average 18 days spent enjoying the cities, beaches and countryside each year. It was closely followed by London, which has been rising in popularity as a holiday destination. The capital saw an average of 16 days spent there within the last year.

Britons spend an average £2,000 on holidays each year – around two times more than those who have never been on holiday in their life (£1,000)..

October 22, 2020

Request A Local: Castle Beach, Falmouth, South Cornwall

Surrounded by green fields, beaches and the third largest natural harbour in the world, Falmouth is a place worth seeing.

See for a long weekend, a week or even monthly and it is a near guarantee you will not need to go home. But it’sn’t only the abundance of fascinating history or spectacular scene that keeps visits captivated it’s the tapestry of local culture and imagination that leaves folks spell bound.

I ‘ve yet to meet a visitor who has not commented on the hospitality and actual nature of the towns’ local individuals. Where you see you’re sure to meet with someone prepared to go that extra mile to make your visit special. Someone says hello, constantly smiles or stops to speak and there’s never any possibility of becoming lost because a ‘Falmouthion’ is constantly prepared to turn the correct manner rounds.

There are several beaches around Falmouth but if you need to spend time among the actual people of the town afterward Castle Beach is the first selection for visitors. Situated at the far end of the sea front and under the watchful attention of the 450 year old Pendennis Castle this changing shore is perfect for families, couples and solo travellers.

There’s a warning to be heeded here because the cannons are cleared weekly at the fortress which can be a little surprise. With a mixture of sand and stone pools that are nicely stocked you can while away your day observing the bay that is chaotic, as fishing boats, sail boats and ships continue about their company.

The depth of the bay means that there’s constantly an impressive collection of tankers and cruise liners anchored upward. Hardworking naval helicopters, ferryboats, coast guards and tugboats on exercise training are a regular and regular sight. Well shielded by its location nestled within the encircling sea wall and the headland it’s amazing how only several meters above on the footpath it can feel extremely choppy while the shore seems serene.

Although no lifeguards are in attendance it’s considered one of the safest beaches for swimmers. Size and the shores natural layout makes keeping an eye on the kids extremely simple giving that extra touch of independence to them. There’s always the chance of weaver fish stings and quite sometimes jellyfish so wearing beach shoes is consistently advocated.

In the proceedings you’re stuck the staff in the cafe will have the ability to help.

The shore is, in addition, the final resting place for a WWll German Uboat one of six that were grounded after breaking their moorings in 1921. The U Boat may be just a skeleton but it still entices as does the wealth of sea life to be found in the rockpools and beneath the sea divers and snorkelers to investigate it.

Diving teachers run consistently from the shore so if at any time you have saw finding the depths of the shoreline then this is your opportunity. The local Castle Beach Cafe is as much of an attraction as the shore itself. The cafe was purchased by the present owners three years past and they stay true to the welcoming service the previous owners had supplied while they’ve worked hard to create their own style in the company.

During the summer months they organise stone-pooling sessions, craft booths on the sundeck, face painting, choirs and various other entertainment. From fortress beach you’ll be able to walk along the seafront, onwards to the fortress and headland or back through Falmouth Resorts gardens back to town.!

Coast Radar is an internet resource of shore and shore tips put together by numerous authentic shore pros. The interactive map shows shore places along with attractions and local services. It additionally has a wonderful journey tool proposing finest shore destination depending upon temperature, rain, wind etc

For – See the North Coast of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. Video made with little handheld picture camera on video setting and shot from a small airplane out of Perranporth air field
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May 25, 2016

Vacations in Cornwall

Cornwall has emerged as one of the most interesting vacation destinations of the world. From lovely shoreline of the north to the sheltered bays in the south, from early moorlands to soft river estuaries – surfers, walkers and visitors have found a fascinating, lively culture, first class lodging, food to die for and a naturally thrilling adventure resort area in Cornwall.

As a county, Cornwall boasts the longest stretch of shoreline in the UK with nearly 700 kilometers of spectacular coastal scenery including more than 300 shores. This shoreline forms a substantial part of the South West Coast Path National Trail which offers visitors to Cornwall a tremendous selection of walks from little strolls to long hikes. Cornwall is in the privileged position of having two shorelines: the Atlantic coast famed for its surfing beaches and enormous expanses of golden sand, and the English Channel coast that is tenderer with tranquil creeks and hidden coves.

Cornwall pretty much has it all for every age group. The children can enjoy full throttle interesting at the adventure parks whereas those seeking sightseeing and relaxation can see the stately homes and beautiful gardens. The tasks vary from bird watching to experience including kite surfing, coasteering and of course paddle boarding Cornwall. That is every kind of occasion from the week there should not be any shortage of interesting things to do while you are in Cornwall.

Cornwall also has some of the most fantastic places to stay whether it is with your family and friends or with your partner trying to find an intimate escape. There are considerable resorts, guest houses and holiday cottages to cater to everyone’s demands and budget constraints. After a difficult, long and frantic lifestyle, vacations are significant to recuperate and spend time with nearest and dearest and where better to do this than at a holiday cottage in Cornwall. Holiday cottages are quite popular lodging choices for visitors and can readily be located online. Holiday cottages are suited to all – whether you’re buying romantic cottage for a pet friendly place, two, or a bungalow with infant friendly facilities. All bungalows are self catering allowing flexibility and solitude.

April 20, 2016

Twitter advertising

Twitter can be a tool for promotion as compelling as any other and in the social media medium that is unavailable, it can be equally as successful as other strategies. Many incorporate Facebook and other social programs into their effort but don’t see the power that Twitter can have. It’s really an important tool, one that looks prone to the promotion and promotion worth because of restraints and its absolute immediacy. To use the service correctly and in order to penetrate the marketplace, kick starting your social media marketing effort.
Purchasing twitter followers, if done for the right motives can have a great dissemination effect in your effort. So can be the instance when you purchase enthusiasts as they can function as a launch pad to raise your future market size. In order to get twitter followers for your feeds where organic increase is potential and reach the stage you’ve ask yourself where these followers you could buy come from. Businesses that offer to locate you twitter followers, can do some scouting which will be curious in what you need to offer. It’s a question of fitting goals to real interests of the followers which is essential to get it from the start.

An unsuccessful twitter effort can result from a ton of reasons but most prominent is the abrupt arrest of operations mid effort. Not everybody knows that in order to raise twitter followers slowly you’ll need to wait quite some time, in the press and corroborate your effort with Facebook and on the TV. When you do not have the financial possibility you’ve to slingshot your effort, to do all that’s potential to bring it to the stage where it can create a snowball effect and is self sustaining.

This is where social network marketing excels at, enabling individuals to expand their message across, sharing it within interconnected networks and so forth. So, if a great first twitter advertising campaign is managed by you, your future development will be a lot more easy to build and to execute.

Using the appropriate informational tools may also enable you to learn the best way to get more twitter followers, in this type of manner as to bring more individuals. The message yet is crucial. Without asking feeling that you’re using it as such, twitter promotion should be deployed with subtlety. It is often demonstrated that routine promotion isn’t viewed as the greatest means to keep an audience interested. Occasions, free gifts, things that interest folks beyond the amount of services and products must be your primary type of communicating. Have your strategy invented in advance, have a few measures taken care of and attempt to do so in a way that’s fascinating and precious. You may have the capacity to call it a job well done and proceed to the next period once all these variables have fallen into place!

January 08, 2016

How To Disappear From Social Media

The general population in most major countries is beginning to get more and more worried about government surveillance. It’s more than frustrating that the various security agencies that are supposed to keep citizens safe spend more tax money surveiling them than they do on suspicious characters. In the U.S. just recently, two terrorists who had been cleared by 3 different federal agencies went on a shooting spree, yet nuns and grandmothers are subjected to invasive and embarrassing searches. Social media, while one of the most popular ways to keep in touch and market businesses, can be a worrisome weakness in your privacy. Governments can track where you by using your cell phone. Employers these days want your password to your Facebook page, so they can spy on you and see what you are really like. How can you cleanse the internet of your presence, especially on social media? Here are some pointers.

Do It Yourself


You can close your personal profiles with various social media accounts. This can eliminate your presence going forward, but there are possibilities of people uncovering your past. They can still discover where you live, work, worship, and play, as well as gather information about your family. So, closing your social accounts makes a lot of sense, especially if you have not been as guarded as you should have with status updates.


Many people are addicted to their social media, and don’t even know it. Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook all keep us updated on friends and loved ones that we seldom see. Some people may need to disable their accounts one at a time. Others have some success by removing social media from their handheld devices, so that they cannot check in during the work day. Whichever way you do it, be aware that you may need to eliminate your accounts gradually, rather than going “cold turkey.”


Another way to eliminate or cut down on social media interaction is to get a trusted friend or relative to edit your status updates. Goodness knows that there are many high-profile people – government officials, celebrities, and more – who could benefit from a filter that stops them from posting something stupid. Too any people forget that social media is open to everybody, and easily shared and spread beyond your own limited list of followers. If you are prone to oversharing, finding an editor to serve as a buffer will help a lot.

Deletion Programs


To completely wipe out your online social presence, you can go to one of several programs on the web that will do this for you. JustDelete.Me, for example, lists hundreds of different sites and provides links that will enable you to eliminate your presence on those sites. AccountKiller and HootSuite do this as well.

Not all deletion programs are created equal. You will find that some sites are very difficult to work with when it comes to eliminating your presence. Some of these deletion programs will help you to work through the maze.

November 16, 2015

Creating The Ultimate Night Time Garden

You go to great lengths to create a beautiful garden. You spend money on lovely plants, plan your plantings carefully, and work hard to make your vision come to life. Then, you have a party on your deck to show off your beautiful garden and it gets dark and nobody can see it. There are solutions to this problem, though. In fact, there are so may solutions for night time lighting in the garden that you’ll have a hard time choosing which to use. You may just have to try them all!


Lit Planters

You can kill two birds with one stone, so to speak, with lighted planters. Some people resort to glow in the dark paint on the outside of their planters, but that wears off quickly and doesn’t give a very even light.

However, lighted planters can solve the problem easily. While not the answer for large areas, lighted planters will illuminate the immediate area. This makes them invaluable as attractive accents on your deck or patio. An illuminated plant pots on each end of the step up to your deck will increase the safety of your guests while adding ambience to the area.

In addition, they can create lovely depth in the garden at night time. By placing illuminated planters in different areas of the garden, you can bring light to paths, create a play between light and shadow, and make your guests feel like they are in a larger area than just the deck.

Up Lighting

Up lights are crucial for creating drama in the garden. By placing an up light at the base of a shrub or vine with a lot of branches you can draw attention to the intricate tangle, adding visual interest to the dark garden.

An up light placed about ½ way up in a large specimen tree will draw attention to the foliage and branching patterns. This can add a sense of wonder to your surroundings. This type of lighting also adds to the amount of perceived light in the garden, reducing the overall gloom that the dark of night can bring.

Rope Lighting


Rope lighting is good for long areas where you want to make sure your guests know their footing, or where food is being served. Stretching rope lighting under the lip of each step will help to create a depth of field so that people will know how far down steps are. Run beside walkways, they can create a river of light that is decorative as well as safe.

Placed along the edge of a counter, they will illuminate the surface so that people can find their drinks and plates. Overhead, they can be attached to structures to provide area lighting without adding to clutter.

Gardens are usually known for their colors, floral displays, and design. Unfortunately, these are not visible at night. You can get the most out of your garden, however if you add various forms of lighting to capture the textures and shapes.

August 25, 2015

Dance School: A Great Way To Meet People

In the age of the internet, and when everyone has a cell phone, it seems that many people feel more isolated than ever. Some may look at fellow diners in a restaurant who are absorbed in their cell phones, and think that is part of the problem. Others find that they expand their sphere of acquaintances because of the internet. There is a lot of talk these days about dating sites. They are touted as a way to meet the love of your life and find permanent companionship. Others just follow celebrities on Twitter, seeking a sense of belonging to a group – something that is bigger than themselves. There are many different ways to meet people, but here is one you may not have considered: dance school. You can meet people with similar interests to you in dance school.



First of all the kind of dance you enjoy may be based on the type of music you enjoy. Whether classical, country, or jazz, joining a dance class in that genre is bound to put you in contact with other people who love the same type of music. This can lead to great evenings with a new friend or significant other enjoying concerts and other performances of your favorite type of music.

Physical Activity


People who dance usually enjoy some kind of exercise. Either they are working to get back in shape, or are already in pretty good shape and want to stay that way. It’s like having a workout buddy or personal coach, except a lot more fun!

How to Sign Up

Most people turn to the internet to find dance schools. When you look for them in your area, you should be able to drop in and visit to see what it looks like. Many of them will let you sign up online. Another way is to ask friends. Referrals are still one of the best ways to build business, and that is true with dance studios, too. Ask friends, neighbors, and coworkers about dance studios they would recommend.


You don’t have to get fancy with your clothes when you take up dance, but it sure can be fun! Just as with any sport, the right clothing  from Weston Dance Wear can make your activity more comfortable and help to reduce risk of injury.

Shoes, for instance, will vary according to the type of dancing you wear. Bloch Dancewear has a full line of dancing shoes for every skills level and genre of dance. You can also find dancewear on their site. As you become more skilled in your dance, you can graduate to shoes and dancewear that will hold up to increasing demands of your activity.

Porselli is another great online resource for dancewear and shoes. You’ll find every type of dance represented, from classical ballet to jazz and hip hop.

You’ll make friend and maybe even romance when you take up dancing. Give it a try!

June 16, 2015

Seasalt Clothing Perfect For Any Season

Summer is in full swing in many parts of the world, while autumn is approaching already in other climates. At the same time, many regions have found the transition from winter to spring to be somewhat nebulous, with record low temperatures and unexpected rainfall. Whatever the weather in your neck of the woods, you can find Seasalt clothing perfect for any season. Your favorite line of clothing is not just for winter. You can enjoy every season with some of the best fashion on the market. Here are some pointers for selecting stylish apparel, regardless of the season.

Cornwall Design


Seasalt clothing is designed in Cornwall, and shipped all over the world. Lightweight sundresses, waterproof jackets, and lovely, spring dresses all grace your closet and transition to your daily wear.

Seasalt has over 200 employees and in-house designers. Graphic designers and artists work closely with textile designers to develop the newest looks.

Fashion Today

This year, crinkle cotton and prints are going to be on every beach and boardwalk. Prints range from stripes to florals, in both bold and pastel prints. Popular looks include a solid white top with bold print Capri pants and a coordinated cardigan. This look goes from the beach to the mall. All you have to do is change shoes, which you can also find at Seasalt.


Denim and chambray are also still the fad, with both rubbed finish and dark indigo rocking the catwalk.

Casual tops are rocking the retro, with an almost 1960’s vibe to the silk-screened florals and graphics. Spaghetti strap camis are also popular this year, in both prints and solids. Couple a print cami with a solid cardi, and you have a comfortable look that will get you through chilly mornings and into sunny afternoons.


T-shirts with every kind of neckline are also big for the summer. Whether V-neck, ruche, boat-neck, or embroidered scoop, your T-shirt can be comfortable and dress up or down as you desire.

When it comes to jackets, you have a wide choice of styles and functions. Rain jackets are available in every color, coordinating with the bold prints popular this season. They come with toggle closure or zipper. Other jackets have retro styling, such as the Pack-It Jacket that looks much like the car-coats popular in the 50s. the Bodinnick Jacket has the nautical look that never goes out of style, as does the Cocoa Jacket.

Most women will be happy to know that leggings are still in style. Seasalt Clothing has a wide section of leggings that coordinate beautifully with the jackets, tunic tops, and dresses that will make up this season’s stylings.

In addition to leggings, most women will be glad to see that shorts are not the baggy board shorts of the last decade, nor the short “hot pants” of several decades ago. They are a nice, mid-thigh length that is both comfortable and styish.

Even sweatshirts have received a remodel with this season. Unique styling and original color schemes make this season’s sweatshirts all the rage.

May 18, 2015

Why Use Feather Edge Cladding?

Whether you use feather edge cladding or not, the cladding on your structure will determine the overall appearance. The cladding you put on your storage shed, workshop, or home should not only look great it, it is the final layer of protection against weather and pests. There are many different kinds of cladding available, in as many styles and colors as you can imagine. Tongue-and-groove cladding, for example, has a very classic look for a cottage or cabin style. With feather edge cladding, you can achieve a number of different looks. There are, however, even more reasons to use feather edge cladding.

What is Feather Edge Cladding?


Feather edge cladding is an affordable, easily installed cladding used on both exterior and interior surfaces. The name comes from its shape, which is similar to that of a feather – it is thicker on one side, just as a feather is thicker in the center, and thinner toward the outer edge.

When it is installed, the first row is nailed or screwed across the bottom of the surface to be covered. The fastener goes into the thicker edge, which is stronger and more stable. The thinner edge is at the bottom. As you install the next row of cladding, the thin edge overlaps the thick ones that have already been fastened. This waterproofs the fastened sections, and sloughs the water off rather than letting it seep in. This is very uh the way singles work on a roof.

Since there is no ledge to catch water, this design works very well for waterproofing the sides of a structure. However it will not be effective on a roof for that same reason – the water must run off, rather than pool.

Why choose Feather Edge Cladding?


The looks of this type of cladding that will last a lifetime. The classic lines lead the eye horizontally across the structure, adding to the visual impact. It can be purchased in many different colors, and can be made from many different materials. However,  feather edged cladding is the most popular and versatile. It can be painted or stained very effectively. The only upkeep it needs is a powerwashing once a year, and a fresh paint job or stain application every 2 or 3 years.

Furthermore, this type of cladding is very affordable. It can be purchased in different sized lots, depending on the size of project you are building. It is also available at most home improvement and timber supply stores.

This is also one of the most universally requested types of cladding because of the protection it offers the structure. Any good construction will have a sturdy frame, to which plywood sheets are attached. Then, especially in structures that are intended as shelter for people or animals, the structure will be wrapped in a moisture barrier and insulation. Then, the cladding will be installed. Feather edged cladding can be the attractive, affordable solution you your building needs. See for yourself, at your home improvement store.

April 29, 2015

How To Install Exterior Wall Cladding

Installing exterior wall cladding on your home or business is usually a job for experts. Mistakes in measurements can quickly increase the costs of your project, so unless you are a handyman, putting cladding up could be overwhelming. Take a look at the beginners self building before you move on. With that in mind, here are some things to keep in mind when you’re learning how to install exterior wall cladding.


Choose Your Material

Wall cladding comes in many different forms. Some of the materials are finished upon installation, while others, such as stucco or plaster, are spread on after you complete the cladding job. To select the type of cladding, consider your budget, your skills level, and your property value. Some cladding materials add value to your home, while others, if they are not up to neighborhood standards, may decrease the value of your home.

You can choose from any of the following:

  • Brick
  • Wood
  • Stone
  • Aluminum
  • Vinyl
  • Cement boards
  • PVC
  • Stucco
  • Plaster


Taking measurements for your cladding can make the difference between having enough material and not having enough. Measure all four sides of each wall to get a round number, but don’t forget the eaves. Triangular eaves, particularly, can be a challenge to measure. Also, be sure to be clear whether or not you are going to replace soffits and trim.



Sheathing is important to the installation of any cladding. The sheathing is usually plywood or some other type of quality board to which your cladding will be attached. It should be sturdy so that screws and nails will not strip out, causing failure of your cladding.

House Wrap


House wrap creates a vapor barrier, for starters, and also serve to help keep out bugs. It is also an insulation that helps to make your home more energy efficient. Quite often, people doing their own cladding jobs will skip this step because of time and money. But, if you will take the time, the money will come back to you in just a few years with savings in energy bills. Usually, the house wrap goes on first, then the insulation is fastened on top.

Start the Cladding

When you are ready to start the cladding process, begin at the bottom. This is your “starter row”, and serves to keep your lines straight. Go the entire length of the wall with your starter row, being very careful to keep it level.

Overlap Rows

Most strip cladding will need to be overlapped. In some cases, the upper row of  shiplap cladding will hook into the lower row, others simply lie over the top 1/3rd of the lower row. If you don’t do this, water will seep in behind the cladding and rot it from behind, causing structural damage to your house, as well.

Finish the Walls

It can be very tempting to skip the finishing touches. However, without the finishes of corner pieces and J channels, the cladding is subject to moisture and bug infestation. Finish out the walls, then install trim.