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July 15, 2021

With International Travel In Decline, Are Staycations The New Normal?

With the global pandemic putting a dampener on international travel, UK families now looking for holidays closer to home. This has led to a noticeable dip in the number of people currently travelling abroad, while the number of UK residents who are choosing domestic breaks has increased. So which days out do Brits love? Let’s take a closer look.

Many British holiday-goers have been opting for national holidays over their international favourites, according to a report by Expedia. These include May Day (5 May), Bonfire Night (5 November) and Boxing Day (26 December). Domestic holidays are typically more popular than those abroad, with the exception of New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

The survey compiled information from more than 2,000 individuals regarding their favourite holiday destinations. In addition, it also looked at how much they usually spend on their holidays and the number of days they would be away. 22% of UK residents would be travelling to another country in the next three months, while 18% would be travelling to a foreign destination within the UK.

The most popular days out for Brits are Easter (28 March), Bonfire Night (5 November) and May Day (5 May). More than a quarter of people in the UK are not planning to travel abroad during the summer, but would be taking a trip within the UK.

The most popular destinations for foreign holidays include France (32%), Spain (25%) and Italy (19%). The favourite UK destinations for domestic breaks are Devon, Berkshire and West Sussex.

The findings of this study were compiled by stats from between 4th April and 28th April 2013.

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British holiday-makers are heading home at an increasing rate, according to a new survey. The findings by hotel booking site found that 42% of Brits have looked to head home since last summer’s Olympics. The figure was up 16% from 2010, while the previous peak was seen in 2007 when 45% said they were making plans for a different destination.

The average Briton spends £1,250 a year on holidays, which can cost up to £2,000 for some expensive packages. The most popular destinations are the Canary Islands and Spain. Next on the list are Turkey and Cyprus, followed by Italy and France. Overall more than a third (34%) of British people say they will be heading abroad for their summer break, compared to 25% in 2010.

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The UK’s favourite holiday destination is revealed to be Devon, with nearly a third of Britons hitting the sunny south coast. Devon was chosen by 30% of Britons who have been on at least one holiday in the last year. The second favourite is Berkshire – home to Windsor Castle and The Queen’s favourite manor, Windsor Great Park – which was voted by 26% of people.

The south west is the region of choice for most Brits, with an average 18 days spent enjoying the cities, beaches and countryside each year. It was closely followed by London, which has been rising in popularity as a holiday destination. The capital saw an average of 16 days spent there within the last year.

Britons spend an average £2,000 on holidays each year – around two times more than those who have never been on holiday in their life (£1,000)..