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July 29, 2016

Request A Local: Castle Beach, Falmouth, South Cornwall

Surrounded by green fields, beaches and the third largest natural harbour in the world, Falmouth is a place worth seeing.

See for a long weekend, a week or even monthly and it is a near guarantee you will not need to go home. But it’sn’t only the abundance of fascinating history or spectacular scene that keeps visits captivated it’s the tapestry of local culture and imagination that leaves folks spell bound.

I ‘ve yet to meet a visitor who has not commented on the hospitality and actual nature of the towns’ local individuals. Where you see you’re sure to meet with someone prepared to go that extra mile to make your visit special. Someone says hello, constantly smiles or stops to speak and there’s never any possibility of becoming lost because a ‘Falmouthion’ is constantly prepared to turn the correct manner rounds.

There are several beaches around Falmouth but if you need to spend time among the actual people of the town afterward Castle Beach is the first selection for visitors. Situated at the far end of the sea front and under the watchful attention of the 450 year old Pendennis Castle this changing shore is perfect for families, couples and solo travellers.

There’s a warning to be heeded here because the cannons are cleared weekly at the fortress which can be a little surprise. With a mixture of sand and stone pools that are nicely stocked you can while away your day observing the bay that is chaotic, as fishing boats, sail boats and ships continue about their company.

The depth of the bay means that there’s constantly an impressive collection of tankers and cruise liners anchored upward. Hardworking naval helicopters, ferryboats, coast guards and tugboats on exercise training are a regular and regular sight. Well shielded by its location nestled within the encircling sea wall and the headland it’s amazing how only several meters above on the footpath it can feel extremely choppy while the shore seems serene.

Although no lifeguards are in attendance it’s considered one of the safest beaches for swimmers. Size and the shores natural layout makes keeping an eye on the kids extremely simple giving that extra touch of independence to them. There’s always the chance of weaver fish stings and quite sometimes jellyfish so wearing beach shoes is consistently advocated.

In the proceedings you’re stuck the staff in the cafe will have the ability to help.

The shore is, in addition, the final resting place for a WWll German Uboat one of six that were grounded after breaking their moorings in 1921. The U Boat may be just a skeleton but it still entices as does the wealth of sea life to be found in the rockpools and beneath the sea divers and snorkelers to investigate it.

Diving teachers run consistently from the shore so if at any time you have saw finding the depths of the shoreline then this is your opportunity. The local Castle Beach Cafe is as much of an attraction as the shore itself. The cafe was purchased by the present owners three years past and they stay true to the welcoming service the previous owners had supplied while they’ve worked hard to create their own style in the company.

During the summer months they organise stone-pooling sessions, craft booths on the sundeck, face painting, choirs and various other entertainment. From fortress beach you’ll be able to walk along the seafront, onwards to the fortress and headland or back through Falmouth Resorts gardens back to town.!

Coast Radar is an internet resource of shore and shore tips put together by numerous authentic shore pros. The interactive map shows shore places along with attractions and local services. It additionally has a wonderful journey tool proposing finest shore destination depending upon temperature, rain, wind etc

For – See the North Coast of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. Video made with little handheld picture camera on video setting and shot from a small airplane out of Perranporth air field
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May 25, 2016

Vacations in Cornwall

Cornwall has emerged as one of the most interesting vacation destinations of the world. From lovely shoreline of the north to the sheltered bays in the south, from early moorlands to soft river estuaries – surfers, walkers and visitors have found a fascinating, lively culture, first class lodging, food to die for and a naturally thrilling adventure resort area in Cornwall.

As a county, Cornwall boasts the longest stretch of shoreline in the UK with nearly 700 kilometers of spectacular coastal scenery including more than 300 shores. This shoreline forms a substantial part of the South West Coast Path National Trail which offers visitors to Cornwall a tremendous selection of walks from little strolls to long hikes. Cornwall is in the privileged position of having two shorelines: the Atlantic coast famed for its surfing beaches and enormous expanses of golden sand, and the English Channel coast that is tenderer with tranquil creeks and hidden coves.

Cornwall pretty much has it all for every age group. The children can enjoy full throttle interesting at the adventure parks whereas those seeking sightseeing and relaxation can see the stately homes and beautiful gardens. The tasks vary from bird watching to experience including kite surfing, coasteering and of course paddle boarding Cornwall. That is every kind of occasion from the week there should not be any shortage of interesting things to do while you are in Cornwall.

Cornwall also has some of the most fantastic places to stay whether it is with your family and friends or with your partner trying to find an intimate escape. There are considerable resorts, guest houses and holiday cottages to cater to everyone’s demands and budget constraints. After a difficult, long and frantic lifestyle, vacations are significant to recuperate and spend time with nearest and dearest and where better to do this than at a holiday cottage in Cornwall. Holiday cottages are quite popular lodging choices for visitors and can readily be located online. Holiday cottages are suited to all – whether you’re buying romantic cottage for a pet friendly place, two, or a bungalow with infant friendly facilities. All bungalows are self catering allowing flexibility and solitude.

August 13, 2014

Learning To Surf: What Surfing Can Do For You

Learning to surf is surprisingly easy, and an enormous amount of fun. Believe it or not, everyone from toddlers to grannies learn to surf these days. How do they do it? Where are some pointers on learning to surf, as well as some insights on what surfing can do for you.

Learning to Surf


You don’t have to grow up in California or the Bahamas to know how to surf. In fact, you can learn this fun sport on your very first trip to the ocean. Every beach, from Devon to Maui, has professional surf shops that rent boards and safety equipment, and offer surfing lessons in Cornwall at an affordable rate. Just as you would rent a bicycle for the day or take snow skiing lessons, you can take surfing lessons when you go to the beach.

The professionals at your surf shop can match you up with a surf board that works well with your height and skills levels. You may want a board that is wider so that you can keep your balance more easily, or if you have some experience, you may want a long, narrow board to add speed to your ride.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to “hang 10” to enjoy surfing. You can paddle out to meet the waves, and then lie or sit on your board and ride the wave back to shore. Enough people do that now that it is a common sight. If you are concerned about more experienced surfers in the area, remember that surfing is a lot like ski slopes – the more skilled athletes stick to the more challenging surf or slopes.

What Can Surfing Do For You?


So, what exactly can surfing do for you? It is one of the best whole-body exercises you can do, and it is total fun every time you go out. Unlike some exercises that work your muscles only, surfing works on your sense of balance as well. In fact, older people especially find that even simple boogie board surfing improves their balance. They have a better ability to recover if they stumble or stub their toe. Some compare the skills in balancing to yoga.

Your core muscles get a workout, simply from staying on the board. Even if you just sit on the board, staying upright on it strengthens your core muscles as well as your ability to regain your balance. As you lie on the board and paddle out to the waves, you work your arms and chest muscles. If you swim beside your board, you are working your leg muscles. Swimming is one of the most beneficial exercises you can do, and there is no impact on your joints when you swim. Swimming with a board, and balancing on it, is just another step to strength and independence.

And to think, you are having fun in the sun the whole time! Regardless of your age, you can enjoy surfing. Give it a try, and you’ll see!



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