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November 16, 2015

Creating The Ultimate Night Time Garden

You go to great lengths to create a beautiful garden. You spend money on lovely plants, plan your plantings carefully, and work hard to make your vision come to life. Then, you have a party on your deck to show off your beautiful garden and it gets dark and nobody can see it. There are solutions to this problem, though. In fact, there are so may solutions for night time lighting in the garden that you’ll have a hard time choosing which to use. You may just have to try them all!


Lit Planters

You can kill two birds with one stone, so to speak, with lighted planters. Some people resort to glow in the dark paint on the outside of their planters, but that wears off quickly and doesn’t give a very even light.

However, lighted planters can solve the problem easily. While not the answer for large areas, lighted planters will illuminate the immediate area. This makes them invaluable as attractive accents on your deck or patio. An illuminated plant pots on each end of the step up to your deck will increase the safety of your guests while adding ambience to the area.

In addition, they can create lovely depth in the garden at night time. By placing illuminated planters in different areas of the garden, you can bring light to paths, create a play between light and shadow, and make your guests feel like they are in a larger area than just the deck.

Up Lighting

Up lights are crucial for creating drama in the garden. By placing an up light at the base of a shrub or vine with a lot of branches you can draw attention to the intricate tangle, adding visual interest to the dark garden.

An up light placed about ½ way up in a large specimen tree will draw attention to the foliage and branching patterns. This can add a sense of wonder to your surroundings. This type of lighting also adds to the amount of perceived light in the garden, reducing the overall gloom that the dark of night can bring.

Rope Lighting


Rope lighting is good for long areas where you want to make sure your guests know their footing, or where food is being served. Stretching rope lighting under the lip of each step will help to create a depth of field so that people will know how far down steps are. Run beside walkways, they can create a river of light that is decorative as well as safe.

Placed along the edge of a counter, they will illuminate the surface so that people can find their drinks and plates. Overhead, they can be attached to structures to provide area lighting without adding to clutter.

Gardens are usually known for their colors, floral displays, and design. Unfortunately, these are not visible at night. You can get the most out of your garden, however if you add various forms of lighting to capture the textures and shapes.

March 12, 2015

How Plants Can Affect Your Mood

Some people consider plants to be the planet’s way of reaching out the life living on the surface. These cultures reverence nature, in some cases elevating it to god-like stature. That may be a bit extreme for other people, but the facts remain that plants can affect not only your mood, but your health as well. Here are some ways in which plants can affect your mood and your health.

Personalize Your Space


Your office, your rental, or your home office can all be personalized with plants. Do you get tire of the sterile atmosphere in an office? Or maybe you rent your home, and can’t hang pictures the way you would like. You need something to make the spaces feel more homey, more like you. Plants can do all of this, and more.

What is your favorite color? Get some flowers that bloom that color, and place them where you’ll see them every day. You’ll be amazed at how much better you feel. If you can’t find any indoor plants in your color, select a planter that will do, and put some pretty flowers or greenery in the planter. Simply having something else around you that is alive will make you feel much better. You could even buy a stone plantpot or something stylized that will give your office environment a personalized look.

Noise Control


Offices can be especially nerve-wracking, with noise coming from other cubicles. People sniffing, drumming their fingers, clicking their keyboards, talking on the phone – all can drive a person crazy! But, a few plants in your cubicle can deaden the noise and give you some relief. Try a dracaena or a fig tree. The more leaf surface the plant has, the more sound it will deflect, giving you a little more privacy.

Purify the Air


Plants have a well-known ability to purify the air around them. In fact, a leafy plant can purify the air in an entire room. Different plants will absorb and disperse different chemicals. For example, some plants will “feed” on formaldehyde found in carpets and other fabrics, releasing oxygen back into the room. There are many VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, in the air, especially indoors, and house plants can filter most of them out. Not only do plants improve the quality of and the amount of oxygen in the room, they also help to humidify the spaces.

Plants Outdoors Affect Your Mood

Even plants outdoors can improve your mood. A planter with your favorite flowers, placed right out of your bedroom window, can greet you every morning with cheery blooms, getting your day off to a great start. Well-maintained gardens are a balm to the hurried soul, and specimen plants remind us that life transcends the day-to-day drudgery we often face.

Turn your garden into a welcoming retreat with some plants carefully placed in colorful pots. If you can, cultivate a planter bed with ground covers and a specimen plant. Making something grow is good medicine, and you’ll make your surroundings prettier, too.

Plants can make you feel rooted – pun intended. Add the symmetry, texture, and color of a plant to your surroundings, and you’ll see for yourself.

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