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January 28, 2015

The Best Business Startup Ideas

With the United States economy beginning to show some signs of recovery, many entrepreneurs are considering making their move. Starting up a business at any time is risky, but in an economy is barely moving, it can be more difficult to grow. With that consideration, here are some businesses that make great startups, and offer services or goods that people need, regardless of the economy.



Even in an economy in which people lost their homes and had to surrender their pets, the bet business in the U.S. was over $40 BILLION each year. People who kept jobs often added more hours to keep ahead, and couldn’t care for their pets as they wished.

If you love animals, then pet care may be a profitable business for you. A pet sitter, for instance, can make $50 an hour. Dog walkers make plenty of money, too. Many people just need someone to go by their apartment and take their dog out for “walkies” while the owner is at work. Or, they need someone to stop by and administer medicine while they are away at work.

Other clever entrepreneurs have developed mobile dog grooming businesses that come to the person’s house. This saves the pet owner travel time, and reduces stress on the pet.
There are also generic labeled pet care products that can sport your own logo. Many people have developed nation-wide business ventures with such products, selling supplements and food with their own brand. Most of these products are produced without chemicals and considered to be organic in nature, which is always a good selling point.

Online Marketing


When ordering via internet was first introduced, people were very wary of it. However, it is not commonplace. People have become accustomed to having their credit card information stored away on various ordering sites such as Amazon and EBay. The market is already in existence, and just right for you to begin an online marketing business. Many companies do not know how to go about marketing their goods and services online, and you can step into the void. I’ve seen people create brilliant startup ideas for instance, online personal training, and not have a clue how to market and get their brand out there.

While most companies, these days, do have a website, they do not know what to do with the internet beyond that. If you have any skill with social media, and understand how PPC and PPV advertising works, you can move those companies into the 21st century with your online marketing skills.

Private Security


Believe it or not, private security can be a great startup business. If you like the idea of something a little more dramatic, private security may be for you. You can get security training in many places, and do anything from being a night guard to close personal protection, depending on your physical abilities and taste for risk. The private security industry is booming right now, with the high unemployment rates presenting more of the population willing to steal and loot. You can learn to protect people, and their properties, too.

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