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May 18, 2015

Why Use Feather Edge Cladding?

Whether you use feather edge cladding or not, the cladding on your structure will determine the overall appearance. The cladding you put on your storage shed, workshop, or home should not only look great it, it is the final layer of protection against weather and pests. There are many different kinds of cladding available, in as many styles and colors as you can imagine. Tongue-and-groove cladding, for example, has a very classic look for a cottage or cabin style. With feather edge cladding, you can achieve a number of different looks. There are, however, even more reasons to use feather edge cladding.

What is Feather Edge Cladding?


Feather edge cladding is an affordable, easily installed cladding used on both exterior and interior surfaces. The name comes from its shape, which is similar to that of a feather – it is thicker on one side, just as a feather is thicker in the center, and thinner toward the outer edge.

When it is installed, the first row is nailed or screwed across the bottom of the surface to be covered. The fastener goes into the thicker edge, which is stronger and more stable. The thinner edge is at the bottom. As you install the next row of cladding, the thin edge overlaps the thick ones that have already been fastened. This waterproofs the fastened sections, and sloughs the water off rather than letting it seep in. This is very uh the way singles work on a roof.

Since there is no ledge to catch water, this design works very well for waterproofing the sides of a structure. However it will not be effective on a roof for that same reason – the water must run off, rather than pool.

Why choose Feather Edge Cladding?


The looks of this type of cladding that will last a lifetime. The classic lines lead the eye horizontally across the structure, adding to the visual impact. It can be purchased in many different colors, and can be made from many different materials. However,  feather edged cladding is the most popular and versatile. It can be painted or stained very effectively. The only upkeep it needs is a powerwashing once a year, and a fresh paint job or stain application every 2 or 3 years.

Furthermore, this type of cladding is very affordable. It can be purchased in different sized lots, depending on the size of project you are building. It is also available at most home improvement and timber supply stores.

This is also one of the most universally requested types of cladding because of the protection it offers the structure. Any good construction will have a sturdy frame, to which plywood sheets are attached. Then, especially in structures that are intended as shelter for people or animals, the structure will be wrapped in a moisture barrier and insulation. Then, the cladding will be installed. Feather edged cladding can be the attractive, affordable solution you your building needs. See for yourself, at your home improvement store.

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